A Scrabble Surprise — And Mystery Sandwich Hints

I’m super excited about my grocery list for this week’s Sandwich Surprise. I can’t tell you what’s on it exactly, but I’ll drop two clues.

Nabisco inspired this sammy.
Graham flour will play a role. (I think.)

But here’s a list (alphabetized a la iTunes) that I can share with you. First, what do Madonna, Dolly Parton and Ray Lewis have in common? After inserting your own joke here ________ (eek), here’s my answer: Their names are made up of acceptable Scrabble words!

I’ve been compiling this list ever since I started sharpening my Scrabble game last summer. It works with Words With Friends too, but it is absolutely not sandwich-compliant.





Ben Stein

Benny Hill

Bison Dele

Bo Bice

Bob Fosse

Brad Paisley

Brock Landers


Carl Weathers

Del Close


Dolly Parton

Gene Hackman

Jack Reacher

Jack Sprat

Jay Leno

Jiminy Cricket

John Houseman

John Ritter


Martin Landau

Martin Sheen

Merle Haggard

Peter Berg

Peter Weir

Pussy Galore

Ray Lewis

Ray Rice


Timothy Dalton

Tom Conte

Tom Cruise

Tom Servo (yep, I’m an MST3K nerd)

Tori Spelling


*According to my English Tournament Word List dictionary in my Scrabble iPhone app, at least

I’m sure there are a bunch more, especially in the movie character category — there are several in my list already — and I’m looking forward to stumbling upon them.

I left off one-name fictional characters such as Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen because they’re too often obvious Scrabble words and not as special as two-name figures.

Then there are close calls, but you’d either have to split the person’s name up (e.g. Alec Bald win, Herm Ed wards or Chest Rock well) or settle for homonyms (e.g. Ethyl Merman, Pam Dauber, Road Dahl or Dug Liman). Not as fun in a purist sense, but definitely still effective as mnemonic devices for words that don’t usually come up in conversation.

My excuse for posting this here? Um, this is the type of thing I think about when it’s too hot to be in the kitchen or even think about cooking. (Which is why I haven’t posted the recipe for The Persian, in case you were wondering.)

Do you have any good ones — especially real-people ones — to add to the list? Please let me know.

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