The Breakfast Club Sammy, The Edible Version

I chose the theme for this month’s Let’s Lunch* post, and it’s all about guilty pleasures. (Click here to jump down to everyone’s drool-worthy treats, like Mars Bars Slices and biscuits and gravy!)

With Halloween — my favorite holiday — nigh, I thought it was time to bust out a sandwich with candy, a big-time guilty pleasure, on it. But not just any candy sammy: I’ve been dying to try a less gross spin on Ally Sheedy’s ewww-mazing lunch …

One slice white bread

One slice of wheat bread


Pixy Stix

Cap’n Crunch

… in one of my all-time guilty pleasures, The Breakfast Club. (Alas, she discarded the olive loaf, which is a serious guilty pleasure of mine, especially fried. But I can save that for another Sandwich Surprise.)

The Breakfast Club is a classic, you say, so what’s to feel guilty about? Here’s the thing: I prefer the hilariously censored network television version on channel 11 from back in the late ’80s, where they subbed in lines like, “Eat my socks!” and “Sneaky punk” and repartee such as “Flip you!” “No, flip you!” It made the movie a Reese’s-like mix of goofy and sublime. LOVE.

Anyway, I didn’t make Ally’s exact sandwich, because I trust my sandwich-testing brethren and sistren at NPR‘s Sandwich Mondays. (Verdict: They were not smiles times.)

Instead, I baked fresh white and wheat sandwich bread and made spreadable Cap’n Crunch butter (like speculoos or cookie butter) and Pixy Stix preserves with fresh fruit. Click here for quick instructions.

breakfast club sammy

Sandwich Surprisee Carlo first crushed up some Cap’n Crunch …

… then he tried a Breakfast Club sammy with Maui Punch Pixy dust sprinkled on the concord grape/grape Pixy preserves, the crushed-up cereal and the Cap’n Crunch butter.


“It’s really good,” said Carlo. “I like the concord grape spread, but the Cap’n Crunch butter is great.”

Surprisee #2 Brett went for the Valencia Orange/orange Pixy preserves by itself, and then hit a slice with the Cap’n Crunch butter. “I don’t like oranges very much,” he said. “But that Cap’n Crunch spread? I would eat that every day.”


Instead of sammy critiques, I’m asking Sandwich Surprisees to share a lesson they’ve learned over the past week or so, sort of as a “Do you want fries with that?” bonus surprise.

Don’t get drunk and stay out until 10 mins before you have to pack,” said Carlo. “I learned that last week when I was supposed to go to Montauk for a wedding. I was out until I don’t remember when, and I was sitting there in my bedroom at 6:30 a.m. confused and pulling out shirts all over the place. I was like, ‘I want to go to sleep.’ I threw all the shirts into my bag, but I never picked up my suit on the way out. I spent $65 on the cab turning around in rush hour traffic. So my lesson: Pack before you get drunk.”

Brett mulled it over. “I think I’m the first person to learn something from a Drake video,” he said. “Something about ‘Don’t let them pick out the generals from the soldiers,’ meaning that they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference because if you’re a general you should be working just as hard as the soldiers. Kinda a good philosophy about working hard.”

Anyone know which video that’s from? I’m too lazy to look it up, so let me know in the comments below.

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For the Cap’n Crunch butter and the preserves, I just eyeballed everything. Food process about 1 cup of cereal until it’s dust, then add about 1/2 stick of melted butter, 1 T. vegetable oil, 2 T. milk, 2 T. sugar and 1 t. vanilla extract. Food process again until combined thoroughly, then scrape sides and process again. Rinse and repeat until it has the consistency of peanut butter.

For the concord grape/grape Pixy preserves, I seeded half a bunch of grapes, then heated it over a medium flame with three Pixy Stix’s worth of grape Pixy dust for about 10 mins, stirring frequently. You can stir in a corn starch-water roux while it’s cooking if you want it to be thicker.

For the Valencia orange/orange Pixy preserves, I made supremes of three oranges, making sure to remove the segment skin, and heated with three straws of orange Pixy dust following the same directions as for the grape preserves.

As usual, I got my bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day. Enjoy!

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