Double Stack Steak & Eggs with Hot Cherry Peppers

Keeping it cheap and simple for a busy week and for marathons of March Madness! Here’s the sammy, on a Kilauea black sea salted, slightly sourdoughed baguette:



Thinly sliced beef (you can use Steak-umms or roast beef, or carve up some leftover steak)
2 Eggs per sandwich (I used organic ones)
Pickled hot cherry peppers
Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning
6- or 7-inch long Sourdough or plain baguettes

If you decide to bake the bread, I used the recipe for the Zihuatanejo rolls, but with the dough shaped into baguettes instead of rolls after staying in the fridge about a week and incorporating some starter from previous bread batches into the mix.

I cut up some roast beef I made the night before, seasoned it with the miracle-working Cavender’s …


… and pan-fried it with just a little bit of olive oil until the slices turned a dark brown color and became nearly crispy.


(For a non-meat option, use Tofurkey Sweet Italian Sausages, sliced thinly lengthwise and pan-fried. They’re already packed with flavor—I eat about 3-4 of them a week with rice—so I wouldn’t bother seasoning them.)

After frying up all the slices, I fried the eggs in the pan grease with just a smidg more olive oil. I don’t like runny eggs, so I pierced the yolk, but cook to your liking.

While the egg was cooking, I quartered the cherry peppers, leaving the seeds in. If that makes it too hot for you, dispose of the seeds.

Then I sliced the baguettes …


… lengthwise down the equator and then in half. For each half-baguette, I put down a layer of beef, then one fried egg, then one layer of cherry pepper slices. Repeat until you have a double stack of everything.


Though if you’re a meatatarian like me, you might as well toss a couple more slices of beef on top.

My reason behind the double-stacking? It was necessary to balance out the amount of bread in the baguette. Plus, it looks tasty.

I sprung the Sandwich Surprises on Shawne, Michele and Cindy—three of my sister Diana’s fabulous colleagues and friends—at a super-fun costume jewelry shopping event benefitting the New York Women’s Foundation, a terrific organization with an amazing range of worthy missions for women and girls.*

Here are Shawne and Michele with their sammies:


“It’s fucking amazing,” said Shawne. “You made this bread?”

I nodded, and offered her a napkin. “No, no napkins, I’ll lick my fingers,” she joked. “I love steak and eggs, but I’ve never had it on bread. I think the peppers make the sandwich.”

“Actually, I like the egg,” said Michele. This was a double Sandwich Surprise for her: Unlike Shawne, Michele showed up to the event not knowing there was a sandwich treat in her future. “The egg is a nice kicker. This was a godsend. I drove past a 99-cent pizza place on the way here, and thought, ‘That could be good later.’ This is so much better! The bread is delicious and the peppers make it pop. Thanks!”

Cindy, who was also a double surprisee, decided to bring hers home to eat later. She tried it out while watching Scandal on her DVR. I didn’t get a pic of her with her sandwich, but here she is with my sis:


And the next afternoon, Cindy emailed me what has to be the most entertaining sandwich critique I’ve gotten yet:

“One opening phrase on the sandwich – SLAP ME! YOU STUCK YOUR FOOT IN THIS SANDWICH,” she wrote. “Now, this is the way some African American southerners, especially my family, give an authentic compliment when it comes to eating scrumpdelicious (pronounced scrump-deel-ee-ious) food. The flavor was multi-layered with savory, spice, a hint of sweetness. OMG! on the bread. It reminded me of a good southern biscuit. I truly loved eating my sandwich while Olivia Pope was solving another Scandal. I appreciate the hearty and tasty gift. It was AMAZING!”

If you want to be Sandwich Surprised, let me know by subscribing to my blog and commenting here, or following my Twitter account and tweeting something with my handle in it, or liking my Facebook page and posting a request. I’m mostly in the NYC/Northern NJ region, but if I’m in your area (Sandwich Surprise does do occasional road trips), you could be surprised with a sammy soon!

*I gotta mention the venue, Sequin, because their enamel bangles are beautiful and knowing me, I might forget when I want to go back and replenish my supply!