Most Popular Sandwich Surprises of 2013

Happy Happy, internets! Five more hours until 2014, and my boyfriend and I are holed up, waiting for the Seamless guy to drop off some Spice Thai.

Before our countdown to Miley begins, here are the top 5 most-clicked-on Sandwich Surprise posts of 2013:

5. CHEESY CREAMED CORN FRITTATA WITH BACON SANDWICHES: I have to thank Brant‘s mom Joyce for this one, because her AMAZING egg noodle casserole with Velveeta, creamed corn, bacon and more corn inspired this sammy.


Note to football fans: This one was made for the playoffs.

4. LETTUCE SANDWICHES: Gotta say, I’m shocked that this cracked the top five, what with four different steak sandwiches and cheesecake bites to contend with. I guess simple + refreshing = yes, please.


3. APPLE PIE SAMMIES: I love pie. So I braised pork butt in apple juice — a yum all by itself — and added little pie crust bites and fennel golden raisin pecan semolina bread.

apple pie sammy

2. THE TOT HEAD: As a tribute to The Marijuana ChroniclesJuly was Munchies Month for the global food-blogging group, Let’s Lunch.

I made the Tot Head (ha ha), my first burger. Drizzled with Cheez Whiz, it sat between two loaves of garlic bread, and piled with fried picklesTater Tots stuffed with sport peppers.


One tip: Don’t forget to turn off the oven when you’re done baking the garlic bread. I ended up with garlic bread chips instead, but methinks it was still #superbowl worthy.

It didn’t take the top spot, though. That honor went to …

1. BULGOGI LETTUCE WRAPS: Korean barbecue is on perma-crave for me, and my mom Vicki has the best recipe ever.


It’s super easy to make, especially if you don’t bother oven-drying the kimchi.

Did you have a different favorite that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below! And feel free to send along sandwich suggestions for 2014. Have a fabulous new year, everyone!