Bangerz & Mash Sammies

💚💜💛💙 [there are supposed to be heart emojis there] to everyone! Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because February 14th means that Miley Cyrus is kicking off her Bangerz tour tonight! Woot!

I’m giddy about all the turnt-up, twangy trippiness that’s bound to happen, so I made a marshmallow fondant Miley wrapped in a cotton candy fur coat 👅👅👅 …

bangerz miley post

bangerz miley 4 fb

… and a Bangerz & Mash sandwich!

bangerz sammy

It’s a riff on the British dish, bangers & mash (i.e., sausages and mashed potatoes), and one of Miley’s favorite foods: chicken & dumplings from Cracker Barrel. I put everything on a buttery biscuit …


… and used chicken sausage & added mashed potatoes to the dumpling dough before cooking it using‘s recipes which bring out all that Southern goodness. Click here for the biscuit recipe, and here for the chicken & dumpling how-to.

Now I gotta go bake a fresh batch to surprise a Cracker Barrel-loving friend. Will let you know how that goes!

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