Keep It Simple Sammy!

THE SANDWICH: The KISS sandwich a.k.a. the Keep It Simple Sammy: Butter-less Cougar Gold Grilled Cheese with Fennel Seeds or Red Pepper Flakes

3 ingredient fennel sammy 2

3 ingredient pepper flake sammy

THE INSPIRATION: The three-ingredient theme for Let’s Lunch* in, um, April. (I just got around to posting it today.)


White bread — I had a loaf of the Master Boule recipe by the fine folks at Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day handy, or you can buy whatever bread you like at your favorite grocery.

Cougar Gold cheese – An addictive sharp white cheddar made by the Washington State University Creamery. YUM.

3 ingredient cougar gold

Fennel or Red pepper flakes

3 ingredient pepper flakes & fennel

THE RECIPE: Instead of pan-frying the bread and fillings in butter, I cheated by toasting the bread, then nuking the toast with slices of Cougar Gold, sprinkling the pepper flakes or fennel seeds on top and folding them in half.

3 ingredient open sammies


3 ingredient brant

We just got married in Vegas in March. *stars in eyes*

3 ingredient brant am vegas sign

THE VERDICT: Brant was surprised that he liked both versions of the Cougar Gold grilled cheese. I don’t think that this had anything to do with his new mantra, “Happy wife, happy life.”

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