USA World Cup Hot Dogs!

THE SANDWICH: USA World Cup Hot Dog on homemade buns with Red, White & Blue Relish

world cup 1 hot dogs

THE INSPIRATION: Sunday’s USA vs. Portugal match in the Group of Death.

world cup 1 hot dogs aliens:caxriola


(I love how the caxirolas, which are the red, blue and green things that sound like maracas when you shake them, look like alien cyclops ready to get down with the dogs. And yep, that’s a vuvuzela. HOOONNKKKK … )

THE INGREDIENTS — all from the USA:

Homemade hot dog buns — I used organic white flour following the recipe from, but I would suggest divvying up the dough in larger batches for the buns, as mine turned out super skinny.

world cup 1 hot dogs rolls

Organic beef hot dogs

1 minced Macintosh apple, grown in Washington

Organic blueberries — Cut in half (they were grown in North Carolina)

Boiling onions — These are super small white onions usually used in stews and soups, and grown in Texas

Hot cherry peppers — Pickled ones as well as fresh ones from Florida

Organic white vinegar

I basically eyeballed my recipe for the Red, White & Blue relish — I minced half a peeled apple, chopped 4 tablespoons of blueberries, two boiling onions and three small pickled hot cherry peppers. I added about 2 tablespoons of the pickling juice and 5-6 tablespoons of vinegar. Then I cooked it down on medium heat until it was syrupy and thick.

It turned out beet purple after I cooked it down, but I swear, it was red, white & blue to begin with …

world cup 1 hot dogs relish ingredients

THE SANDWICH SURPRISEE: My good friend, Jenny


THE VERDICT: “Koreans love hot dogs!” said Jenny. We topped the purply relish with chopped raw onions (boiling onions are very mild), chiffonaded kale and organic yellow mustard, which added some freshness. We both had seconds.

And we had great beverage karma: A guy from Cosi walked by handing out samples of pineapple lemongrass juice and Fuji apple lemonade. Yum. Now let’s hope goal-scoring karma comes our way too. Go USA!

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