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August 30

Cheesymite Sammies With Hot Abruzzese Sausage and Banana Pepper Rings

Even though I’ve never lived there, I get homesick for Australia all the time. I love reminiscing about the L.A.-like weather, the chill beach-town vibe and  the impossibly gorgeous harbor views I was lucky enough to see when I covered the Sydney Olympics for ESPN The Magazine 13 years ago. Sigh. But I really miss the food. […]

May 13

Grilled Mahón Cheese with Roasted Fiddlehead Ferns and Hot Italian Turkey Sausage

Finally got to Sandwich Surprise my parents this Sunday, thanks to our Mother’s Day plan to have my mom and dad over to watch Tiger win and catch up on Mad Men. (They normally wait until they can borrow the DVDs from their public library, but we’ve been DVR-ing all the new episodes for them.) […]