Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 26

Summer Sliders: Steak with Fennel Apple Slaw

Time for another Sandwich Surprise road trip! I’m in Pittsburgh for Brant’s dad Dr. Tim’s 80th birthday bash, and Brant’s brother Tim just got engaged to Jenn, so many congrats and fun sammies for the whole family were in order. Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to do something that could be grilled but […]

May 22

A Sandwich Celebration

I got a terrific sandwich surprise myself this week: An invite to ‘wichcraft’s 10th anniversary party Monday at Southwest Porch at Bryant Park. Um, yes, please. I wasn’t expecting anything less, but the spread was fabulous. I stuffed myself on the cranberry nut bread, the duck rillette, the sopressata, the smoked pork belly and the […]

May 13

Grilled Mahón Cheese with Roasted Fiddlehead Ferns and Hot Italian Turkey Sausage

Finally got to Sandwich Surprise my parents this Sunday, thanks to our Mother’s Day plan to have my mom and dad over to watch Tiger win and catch up on Mad Men. (They normally wait until they can borrow the DVDs from their public library, but we’ve been DVR-ing all the new episodes for them.) […]

May 09

Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps with Kimchi Chips and Fried Rice

A philosophical Friday food question for you all: Are lettuce wraps sandwiches? To be honest, I didn’t think so when I launched Sandwich Surprise in January. But this week’s surprisee and baker extraordinaire, Grace, asked me if I could go breadless. So I did some research, i.e. Googled “lettuce wraps,” and it turns out that […]

May 05

Best of Pittsburgh Sammy: Chicken Liver Mousse & Bacon, Thin Man-Style

Some serious Pittsburgh food adventure vibes hopped the bus to NYC when my boyfriend Brant’s parents, Joyce and Tim, came in from PA this past weekend for a 3-day family hang and culinary tour of the city. Day 1: Sandwich Surprise time! Over the past few months, Joyce had mailed me a couple newspaper clippings […]