Monthly Archives: June 2013

June 26

A Scrabble Surprise — And Mystery Sandwich Hints

I’m super excited about my grocery list for this week’s Sandwich Surprise. I can’t tell you what’s on it exactly, but I’ll drop two clues. Nabisco inspired this sammy. Graham flour will play a role. (I think.) But here’s a list (alphabetized a la iTunes) that I can share with you. First, what do Madonna, […]

June 19

The Persian: The Reveal

This sandwich is based on one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Back in December, my friend Serena (who tried my Duck Fat-Roasted Cauliflower Steak with Prosciutto on Lavender Sourdough sammies back in April) took me to her family’s favorite place: Shalezeh on 1420 Third Avenue between East 80th and 81st Streets in Manhattan. […]

June 07

Lettuce Sandwiches!

Too Hot to Cook is the June theme for Let’s Lunch* — and it was perfect because the recent swampy humidity in NYC just killed any desire I had to bake bread or even turn on an oven burner. And ever since I researched lettuce sammies for my Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps with Kimchi Chips for […]

June 04

The Cronut Sammy a/k/a Eggs Cronutdict

It was inevitable: I got cronut fever for a day. I had purposefully not been paying much attention to all the hype as I thought it was another food trend that a bunch of bakers were trying out, and figured I’d eventually be able to order it off a dessert menu in the Lower East […]